What Are Foam Rollers And Why Should You Use Them?

What Are Foam Rollers And Why Should You Use Them?

Foam rollers are used for deep-tissue massage. They are used for people who have tight muscles due to physical injury, repetitive motions, or overuse.

The foam roller is an affordable, lightweight device that can be used by anyone. It can help improve your mobility and reduce your injuries too. One of the most common benefits is that it helps you prevent injuries by loosening up tight muscles before exercise or athletic activities.

Foam rollers are made from a softer material so they are not as hard on the skin as other massage tools or exercise equipment you may have tried in the past. Plus, they don't have any protruding spikes so you don't have to worry about tearing your skin with them.


Foam Rollers For Rehabilitation

Over the past month or so, I have been dealing with some knee issues mainly caused by tightness throughout my legs and hips. Foam rolling has been a huge part of the rehabilitation and treatment of my knee pain. The primary purpose of foam rolling is to release and lengthen the muscles and help them recover from injuries and chronic pain. This can be done by using a foam roller or a ball. The purpose of the foam roller is to provide deep compression, which helps with improving range of motion and general recovery.


How To Use A Foam Roller

Using a foam roller can be uncomfortable so it’s better to be too gentle, rather than too intense, when you’re starting out learning how to use a roller. You can adjust your intensity as you learn how your body responds. Generally, you’re looking for that “it hurts so good” level of discomfort. Pushing past discomfort into real pain won’t speed up results, but it will risk injury. You can actually bruise muscles by rolling too intensely.

Follow these steps to use your foam roller:

  1. Pinpoint the sore or tight area of your muscle.

  2. Control your body as you slowly lower the targeted area so it’s centered above the roller.

  3. Lower your body onto the foam roller until you reach a point of discomfort (but not pain) and hold it there.

  4. Hold for 20–30 seconds

  5. The pressure alone provides benefits, but you can also roll slowly back and forth to further stimulate the area.

  6. Continue to move slowly along the muscle with the roller, stopping and holding in the areas that need more focus.

As you’re using your foam roller, experiment with slight adjustments to your body position in order to find the most effective technique. Also, remember to breathe. Many people get so fixated on the sensation of massaging a painful knot that they forget to even take a breath.


Where Can I Buy A Foam Roller


Purchasing a foam roller is an investment in your physical well-being. Foam rollers can help you recover from an injury or just allow you to feel less sore and tight after a strenuous workout.

There are many places that sell foam rollers, but you should consider purchasing one online because it is easier and cheaper to find the best deal. Online retailers often have more options than brick and mortar stores because they can offer a wider variety of prices and brands without worrying about space constraints.

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