What Adventure Means to Me

Applying for an internship with We are Explorers I was prompted to do a short piece on what adventure meant to me, after several drafts and much self searching this is what I came up with!


What Adventure Means to Me

Adventure is cups of coffee in the early hours, waiting for the world to wake. It’s a day hike that accidentally turned into an overnighter (and a lifelong memory). Some collect art, stamps, or antique plates (sorry Nan).

Adventurers collect experiences, they live for unique circumstances that push their creativity and adaptability to the edge. To me adventure is being present, it’s making a plan and then changing it on a whim. Adventure is suffering through adversity because “it makes for a heck of a story.”

Adventure is about sharing moments in time with friends and strangers alike, moments that will never be replicated. It’s sharing a pot of tea and a conversation with strangers on the trails.

Adventure has no rules or limits, it can be thinking big, then going bigger even exploring your own back yard! In the words of Helen Keller “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

I hope some of you can resonate with this, and I ask you all to consider this "What does adventure mean to you?"


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