• Paddling a Half Marathon along the Gold Coast of Australia

    An odd sight, wearing compression skins, a rashie and an Osprey hydration pack. I wandered down to the beach with a 10’6 “Clubbie Board” under my arm. Dragging the board to the waters edge I stopped to ask a stranger to take a photo of me for this article. Of course, then came the big question “where are you going?”.


  • Red Bull Trail Heads 2021 Results and Photographs

    Today saw the inaugural running of the Red Bull trailheads running event, here on the Gold Coast Australia, this event was a new concept designed by Red Bull ambassador Courtney Atkinson. With one of the best prizes of any race this year (dare I say the best prize) The Gold Coast running community came out in force to get behind this new concept.


  • Why You Should Run An Ultra Marathon (PS. It's Not As Hard As You Think)

    A word of warning, completing your first ultra will lead to you developing a sense of confidence in your own abilities you've never felt before and lead you to start thinking BIG, suddenly it may seem like a good idea to run a marathon before work everyday or to hike the length of the country... barefoot, who knows!
  • Underrated Coffee Spots and Cafes on the Gold Coast

    My selection of my top 5 underrated coffee spots on the Gold Coast where you can skip the big crowds and 30 minute+ waits and still find great coffee and snacks!

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